1L Pilbelles Active Oxygen Cleaner
1L Pilbelles Active Oxygen Cleaner
1L Pilbelles Active Oxygen Cleaner

1L Pilbelles Active Oxygen Cleaner

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Cleans and disinfects all surfaces without damaging them.

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Limpiador con Oxígeno Activo 1L - Luccy

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If you are looking for a multi-purpose cleaner that disinfects without damaging the surface or discolour clothes, this is your product. 

Pilbelles Active Oxygen Cleaner is a deep cleaner with active oxygen and high solvent power, suitable for cleaning an entire home with just one product. Its multi-purpose formula has been created to take care of the natural shine of the surfaces. Easy to use since it does not create foam and it is easily removable with only one pass. 

Ends with 99.9% germs, bacteria, and virus, acting against dirt and disinfecting without bleach. Its perfume achieves a nice cleaning scent neutralising bad odours and the most common allergens in houses and offices. 

This product is ideal for disinfectant carpets, since it can disinfect and totally sterilise shoe soles with only one pass.

Another benefit of the multi-purpose cleaner with active oxygen is that it saves storage space, as with just one product you can clean any kind of dirt, thus avoiding having several cleaning products taking up space.

What are the properties of the Active Oxygen Cleaner?

  • Suitable for every surface at home and office.
  • Ensures clean surfaces.
  • Free from synthetic colourants.
  • It is not corrosive or harmful for the environment.
  • Does not contain bleach.
  • Without rinsing, except for toys and surfaces that are in contact with babies.
  • It can be applied to marbles and ceramics.
  • 100% effective in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Recommended for the disinfection of shoe soles.

How to clean with Active Oxygen

  • Apply just the right amount of active oxygen cleaner to the surface to be cleaned.
  • Clean the surface with cloth.
  • Let it dry with a cloth for a few seconds, and that’s it!

Where can the Active Oxygen Cleaner be used?

This cleaner is suitable to clean all rooms.

Kitchens: it can be used to clean worktops, sinks and household appliances.

Bathrooms: it can be used to clean washbasins, baths, screens, and shelves.

Living rooms: suitable for all type of furniture and surfaces.

Terraces: Outdoor furniture, tiles, fences...

Offices: Office furniture such as shelves, desks, tables, and chairs.

Precautions when using Active Oxygen Cleaner

  • Avoid direct contact with eyes. It may cause severe irritation when in contact with eyes.
  • In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with water for several minutes. If you use contact lenses, remove them. 
  • Avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures.
  • Keep away from children.

Additive in different uses.

As a scented cleaner with sanitising agents, it can be added to other common cleaners such as:

  • Clothes detergent
  • Floor cleaner
  • Bathroom cleaner
  • General cleaners
2 Reviews

Muy bueno
Limpia muy bien, además su olor es muy agradable. Lo compré con el pulverizador y es muy cómodo

Muy buena limpieza
Huele fenomenal y deja todo muy limpio.

Lo empecé usando con la alfombra de desinfección y ahora lo utilizamos en todas las superficies...

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