Clothing Items

Clothing Items

We know that the safety and hygiene of your clients and workers is the most important thing for you, that is why we have at your disposal a series of disposable garments, which as their name suggests are single-use, disposable, which prevents the spread of infections, viruses or bacteria, as well as saving on laundry and storage costs.

In our extensive catalogue of high-quality disposable clothing we have products for all sectors, such as laboratories, medical practices, clinics, hairdressing salons, beauty salons, cleaning, food industry, etc., with the aim of satisfying all needs in tasks that require the use of disposable garments for care and hygiene. 

Using disposable clothing has great advantages, such as the protection it offers in two ways, as it protects both the patient and the professional from infections and viruses; the confidence it gives the patient knowing he/she is using a brand new garment; it does not take up space, as once it has been used it is disposed of; savings, as it does not need to be washed; comfort, as it adapts well to the body; and impermeability, as it does not allow liquids or infectious residues to pass through the clothing.

You can find different disposable items such as gowns for different areas, in various colours, materials and sizes; beard covers, and disposable clothing for aesthetics and hairdressing such as pressotherapy trousers, underwear, headbands, hats, sarongs, capes, capes, they are a comfortable, hygienic and economical option.


Disposable gown: Protects against soiling by liquids or solids, as well as infections that can adhere to clothing. It is usually used in hospitals, operating theatres, laboratories, food sector... It is available in various materials, non-woven, polyester, nylon, polyethylene and in different colours so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Disposable Underwear: Thongs, panties, briefs, and boxers are essential items of clothing in a beauty or massage centre that are used so that your clients do not damage their clothes when using products such as depilatory waxes or creams for aesthetic treatments and to avoid direct contact with the massage table. 

Disposable pressotherapy pants: It acts as a barrier between the client and the pressotherapy machine, protecting it from the products applied in the treatment. Available in polypropylene and polyethylene. 

Disposable headband and hat: Protect hair and prevents hair from being soiled by facial treatments. Maintains proper hygiene in the hospital, food, aesthetic, and beauty sectors and reduces the risk of infection and contamination. Non-woven and polyethylene are available, depending on the intended use.

Disposable cape: Suitable for protecting clients' clothing from dyes, chemicals and treatments in hairdressing and beauty salons. 

Beard covers: Prevents contamination by hairs shed from the beard during the handling of food or other products.

Disposable body wrap: Covers the most intimate parts of the body for specific treatments in beauty or beauty salons, hairdressing salons and hospitals.

Our disposable clothing is of the highest quality, resistance, and very competitive prices, so you can choose the clothing that best suit your needs in order to protect your employees and clients.

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