At Floccus, we want our customers to offer their best services. Therefore, we work constantly in the protection, hygiene and safety of workers and customers.

Why should you choose Floccus?

We have all kinds of disposable products so that your centre or clinic has everything it needs for personal health and beauty. You could find everything you need in the different sections of this category from protective articles, sheets and rolls of stretcher paper, clothing, aesthetics, and cellulose.

This kind of disposable material is single use, which guarantees hygiene and protection for both clients and professionals. 

Protect your clients as much as you.

On our website we have a wide range of protection. Discover it now! At Floccus, we have gloves from different materials like latex, vinyl, nitrile, polyethylene.... Powdered or Powder-Free Gloves, on different sizes so that they perfectly fit your hands and you can easily work with them, always been protected.

Why should gloves be used as a protective item?

Gloves are a personal protective item that act as a barrier between the user and the client or patient and the workplace. They protect both directions and it is indispensable to use them correctly in order to preserve safety and prevent potential infections and contaminations. 

What type of gloves can be found at Floccus?

  • Latex gloves: They are most used in the health sector as protection against biological hazards. They are very comfortable because they fit the hands as they were a second skin, thanks to their rolled cuff that facilitates a better hold. They are white.
  • Vinyl gloves: They are most appropriated for low-risk spheres such us food industries or surface cleaning. They can also be used in health areas but for tasks that has low infection risk.  They inner and outer surfaces with reinforced cuff prevents the glove from rolling up and thus facilitates gloving.  They have great flexibility, dexterity and softness. Suitable for people allergic to latex and available in transparent white colour.
  • Nitrile gloves: We have two types: Antiviral gloves and Food gloves. The former is focused on the health sector due to their high elasticity and greater resistance, which provide greater protection. Available in blue, purple, black, and white. Food gloves are more focused on the handling of non-abrasives chemicals and the food sector. These fit snugly in the hands without letting any liquid come into contact with the skin. 
  • Polyethylene gloves: These ambidextrous gloves are very easy and comfortable to use, suitable for supermarkets, large supermarkets, petrol stations, greengrocers, butchers... avoiding direct contact with food or fuel. Goffering texture and high density. They provide a hygienic protection for simple and short-terms tasks. They are transparent.  

How to remove gloves correctly

Many times, we use gloves to perform multiple tasks to protect our hands. After finishing, it is very important to remove the gloves correctly in order to make sure we don't dirty ourselves or contaminate our hands.

To remove the gloves correctly, you should:

  1. Pinch the glove at the bottom outside of the wrist, avoiding touching the skin.
  2. Remove the glove by pulling it upwards.
  3. Place it in the palm of the hand that is still wearing a glove or throw it away.
  4. Run your finger inside the other glove, avoiding touching the outside of the glove.
  5. Remove the glove by pulling it upwards.
  6. Once the gloves are removed, throw them away and wash your hand with water and soap or hand sanitiser.

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