Protective elements

Protective elements


Personal protective equipment, also called PPE, are all those elements intended to protect workers and clients from any risk that may threaten their safety, health or physical integrity. They act as a protective barrier between the risk and the employee's body, reducing the possibility of any danger and preventing injuries.    

All PPE must be adapted to both the characteristics of the workplace and the worker and comply with current legislation so that it performs the correct function and protects the employee.


In our catalogue you will find a wide variety of high-quality PPE (personal protective equipment) with resistant fabrics, guaranteeing comfort and mobility for the development of professional activities. We have protective elements for the eyes and face, for head protection and to protect the whole body.


- Face shield: They help to protect against possible contagion, preventing particles expelled through the mouth or breathing from reaching the eyes, nose, or mouth. They cannot be substituted for face masks, but they can be used as a complement. They are very useful to protect workers in environments where the safety distance cannot be kept.

- Protective glasses: Depending on the type of work, they are very necessary for the protection of the eyes against UV rays and small drops or splashes. They are compatible with prescription glasses and have side ventilation to prevent fogging.


- Protective hood: Protects against all biohazards, fits snugly over the face, and covers below the shoulders to provide added protection against infection.


- PPE Disposable Gown: More and more companies and sectors are opting for these gowns to protect both their workers and their clients, as they protect clothing from contagion, dirt, liquids, or solids. As they are of limited use, they avoid contagion. It is available in two models, nonwoven fabric spunbond gown with adjustable cuffs and back closure with neck and back tape, and polyethylene gown made up of two pieces, on one side the sleeves, which is the first thing you will put on, and on the other, the gown. On our website you can find a video explaining how to put it on correctly. 

- PPE Washable Gown: They comply with all regulations so that employees can carry out their work with maximum safety. They may be made of nylon or polyester/PE and are suitable for protection against viral processes. It is highly waterproof, breathable, elastic, and adaptable to the shape of the body.

Personal protective equipment is especially necessary in the health care sector, as personnel are highly exposed to contact with infected or contagious fluids and chemicals. But it is becoming increasingly important in other areas of work, so it is essential to choose good PPE to protect the health of workers and customers.

Our experience in the sector guarantees the safety of your employees, so do not hesitate to buy our PPE online with the best guarantees and personalised attention.  

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