Hygiene has become an essential element to prevent possible contagions or diseases in any workplace, so it is essential that all companies have disinfection products to preserve safety and hygiene in the facilities and thus ensure the best conditions for workers and customers.

Hands are usually the main source of infection, as it is where bacteria are stored and spread, anything that is picked up or touched passes through the hands, and if they have not been disinfected, they could become contagious, either through an object or through personal contact. To prevent this, the best thing to do is to have disinfection products available to the company, both for the surface and for all workers and clients, which you can find in the hygiene and health (disinfection) section of our website.

We have a wide variety of hygiene products such as hand gel, hand disinfectant, in various formats and aromas, such as bottles, carafes, single-dose, spray... and different types of alcohol. 


All our products are available in different formats so you can choose the most suitable for your company.

- Hand soap: It is one of the most important products in daily life and especially in the workplace for proper hand hygiene.
It is sold in bottles so you can refill soap dispensers and soap dispensers.

- Hand sanitiser gel: It is one of the most widely used products to prevent viruses and bacteria. It is essential to have disinfectant products to protect your workers and customers, and thanks to its high percentage of ethyl alcohol, its disinfection is guaranteed.

It is available in 500 ml, 120 ml, 1 ml single-dose and 5 ml hand sanitising gel bottle, so that you will never be short of hydroalcoholic gel and you can refill the bottles, you can find it painless or with Nenuco scent. 

- Hydroalcoholic lotion: It has the same function as hydroalcoholic gel, but it is not as thick. Ideal for hand cleaning and sanitation, different formats: 100 ml, 250 ml, 750 ml and 1L. 

- Sanitizing spray: It is considered as an excellent antiviral and be sprayed all over the body, hands, and cloths. Suitable for all ages and helps to prevent infections thanks to Ravintsara essential oil, also known as “the healing tree”.  Also available in pocket size with different scents for men and women, this is La Mistt, which is the perfect product to give as a gift to your employees so that they always carry it with them. They will be bacteria-free, as they remove up to 99.9%.

- Isopropyl Alcohol: It is the best cleanser to remove virus and bacteria from electronic devices, objects, and glass. Act as a sanitizer, solvent, and cleanser.

- Alcohol 96: This type of alcohol is used both for sanitary purposes and for cleaning surfaces.

With all these products, your company will comply with all the cleanliness standards, both of space and personnel, and will be free of viruses and bacteria. 

How to sanitise your hands

To properly use the hidroalcoholic lotion, sanitising spray or gel, it is fundamental to follow the steps recommended by WHO. It will only take 20-30 secs.

  1. Apply enough product in the palm of the hand to cover all surfaces.
  2. Rub the palms of your hands together.
  3. Rub your right-hand palm against the back of the left hand, interlocking the fingers and vice versa.
  4. Rub the palms of your hands together, with your fingers intertwined.
  5. Rub the back of the fingers of one hand against the palm of the opposite hand, grasping the finger
  6. Rub the left thumb in a rotating motion, trapping it in the palm of the right hand and vice versa.
  7. Rub the fingertips of the right hand against the palm of the left hand in a rotating motion and vice versa.
  8. Once they are dried, your hands are safe.

It is not necessary to rinse thoroughly with water or use any towel to dry them, since that could remove the sanitising solution. 

Try our products and protect your workers and customers. If you have any question, please contact us and we will be happy to help you. 

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