100 ml Pilbelles Roll-on Wax
    100 ml Pilbelles Roll-on Wax
    100 ml Pilbelles Roll-on Wax
    100 ml Pilbelles Roll-on Wax

    100 ml Pilbelles Roll-on Wax

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    Remove hair from your skin without damaging it.

    Price indicated per unit. Pack of 24 units.

    *To place an order for a larger quantity, please ask for a quote at info@floccus.es*

    CERA CALIENTE - Pastillas Baja Fusión
    • Azul
    • Chocolate
    • Pink
    • Green
    • Carbón Wax
    • Miel

    The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 24.

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    Cera Roll-on Pilbelles 100 mL
    Bandas Depilatorias Corporales | Pack con 100 Uds.
    Espátulas Corporales de Madera | Pack con 100 Uds.
    Espátulas Faciales de Madera | Pack con 100 Uds.
    Bandas Depilatorias Faciales Impregnadas en Cera | Pack con 60 Uds.
    Cera en Pastillas Baja Fusión 1Kg
    Cera Depilatoria en Bote
    Fundidor de Cera Doble 1Kg
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    What is Roll-on Wax?

    The roll-on wax is a type of roll-on hair removal wax that is used for hair removal of large areas of the body thanks to its easy way of use. It can also be used as a roll-on wax for the face, so buying this type of professional hair removal wax is a highly recommended option.

    How should roll-on wax be used?

    • Put one of the non-reusable roll-on wax cartridges in the heater until it is ready. We are looking for a warm roll-on wax so that we do not burn ourselves when applying it.
    • Apply the hair removal wax with a wooden body spatula in the same direction as the hair grows.
    • On top of the warm roll-on wax applied in the previous step, place the depilatory strips. Make sure they stick to the roll-on wax.
    • Allow a few seconds for the depilatory strip to adhere well to our professional hair removal wax.
    • Remove the strip with the roll-on wax parallel to the skin while holding the skin with the other hand. Never upwards.

    Why should Pilbelles roll-on wax be used?

    Pilbelles roll on wax is recommended for dry, sensitive or reactive skins due to its quality formula that achieves a clean, professional and long-lasting hair removal. It has a pleasant smell and does not feel hot. Buy and try our professional roll-on wax.

    What about after hair removal with Roll-On Wax?

    After any type or form of hair removal whether it is normal wax, roll on wax, shaving blades... It is very important to care for and moisturise the skin. From Floccus we recommend with the skin completely clean and free of roll-on wax, apply post hair removal oil and massage until it is completely absorbed.

    What are the different colours of Roll-On wax used for?

    Each colour is recommended for each skin type and finish.
    Find the perfect roll-on wax cartridge for your skin here.

    • Blue: Roll on wax with great dragging power. It is one of the most effective and does not dry the skin. It is formulated with natural pine resins, ideal for delicate skin and delicate areas. It keeps the skin cared for and reduces pain thanks to its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.
    • Black: Hair removal with roll on wax enriched with eucalyptus, suitable for normal skin and thick hair. It guarantees the total opening of the pores. It also has antiseptic properties, reducing inflammation, preventing redness, and refreshing and soothing the skin. 
    • Yellow (natural): Very effective roll-on hair removal, recommended for all skin types. It has a creamy consistency, which allows it to be distributed perfectly over the surface of the skin to be depilated. Soft, smooth, and long-lasting skin.
    • Pink: It is an excellent solution for short and unruly hairs, suitable for all skin types. Especially recommended for sensitive skin. This roll-on hair remover is rich in ricinus communis seed oil and titanium dioxide.
    • Chocolate: Soothes the depilated area, moisturises the skin and tones the body. It is enriched with cocoa oil and sweet almond oil. 
    • Green: It is ideal for hygienic and effective hair removal on all skin types. This roll-on wax has moisturising and soothing effects thanks to its composition of natural oils and titanium dioxide. It prevents irritation, redness and pimples.

    How to heat Roll-On Wax without a heater?

    It is important to read the instructions and leaflets of the roll-on wax cartridges, as some cartridges can be heated in the microwave or in hot water, so they do not need a wax heater.

    To heat roll-on wax in the microwave you only need to put the roll-on wax cartridge in the microwave for 1 minute and that's it. This way you will easily get your best warm roll-on wax.

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    Envío rápido y llego perfecto
    Ha llegado todo perfecto. Muy buena calidad.
    By Aurahon 07/04/2023

    Muy buen producto
    By Marinaon 06/29/2023

    Buen producto
    Cera roll on perfecta con envio rapido
    By Gasparon 08/27/2021

    Muy bn
    Muy buena me ha gustado. El color rosa es muy chulo
    By LOREJNAon 04/13/2021

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