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Guantes de Nitrilo Antivírico Rosa 3,5g | Pack con 100 Uds.
Guantes de Nitrilo Antivírico Rosa 3,5g | Pack con 100 Uds.
Guantes de Nitrilo Antivírico 3,5g | Pack con 100 Uds.

Guantes de Nitrilo Antivírico 3,5g | Pack con 100 Uds.

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Protection against viruses and bacteria in the workplace.

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  • Azul
  • Rosa

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What are disposable nitrile gloves?

Nitrile gloves are made with Acrylonitrile Butadiene, a synthetic material that does not produce allergic reactions since it is latex-free. Its rolled edge makes quilting easier. Great softness, flexibility and maximum level of dexterity, reducing arm and hand fatigue. They are resistant and elastic to food, water, oils and chemicals, protecting hands from possible burns if abrasive products are handled. 

On our page, you can buy retail disposable nitrile gloves and also wholesale nitrile gloves in different colors.

What are the differences between nitrile gloves, vinyl gloves and latex gloves?

Before starting to evaluate the differences between the different gloves, you must know their origin, since their origins are different. On the one hand, nitrile and vinyl gloves are made with PVC or similar, that is, synthetic materials with the aim of being hypoallergenic. On the other hand, latex gloves have a natural origin, natural rubber, an elastic and water-repellent material.

Latex gloves are generally used in healthcare areas such as hospitals or medical centers for their protection against blood and other biological fluids. Although its natural origin can cause skin allergies such as dermatitis or even asthma.

Disposable vinyl gloves are very elastic, favoring the manipulation of liquids or biological fluids (water, saliva, blood...).

Finally, disposable nitrile gloves are more recommended since they are not only used for general tasks, but also for working with chemicals or products that can become infectious by not purchasing disposable gloves suitable for the task. For this reason, nitrile gloves adapt perfectly to the hand thanks to their elastic fabric, being resistant and allowing you to work with them perfectly in various tasks such as handling material contaminated with chemicals or biological remains.

Features of disposable nitrile gloves:

  • Ambidextrous.
  • Reinforced, beaded cuffs ensure easy donning and prevent rolling.
  • They provide high sensitivity to touch.
  • Made with synthetic material.
  • Latex free. 
  • Great availability of colors.
  • Powder-free to minimize the risk of irritation.


Where to use nitrile gloves?

  • Hospitals.
  • Health centers.
  • Emergency services.
  • Their main purpose is to protect the patient and user from biological risks.
  • Chemicals.
  • Handling of contaminated material.
  • Chemical industry.
  • Laboratory.
  • Industrial cleaning.
  • General cleaning.
  • Food industry.

 *Not suitable for use in sectors related to welding or foundry.

Conditions and storage of nitrile gloves:

Keep in the original packaging and in dry places.

Do not expose directly to sunlight.


Cases of 100 units.

Die-cut opening at the top allows easy removal of gloves.

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7 Reviews

Buenos guantes
No conocía este tipo de guantes, pero los probé y satisfecha con le resultado, cumplen su función.
By Todo bieeen on 10/07/2023

Buena relación calidad/precio
Producto excelente, además con muy buen precio.
By Jorge on 04/07/2023

Bien para el precio
Los guantes cumplen con el precio que tienen. Volveré a comprar en el futuro por su envío rápido
By Samira on 03/07/2021

Guantes de calidad
Guantes elásticos, no me han dado alergia y bastante resistentes
By Agustin on 05/05/2021

Los negros son TOP
He comprado los de color negro y muy buenos para mi trabajo. Elegantes
By Héctor on 31/03/2021

Muy buenos guantes, elasticos y de colores bonitos
By Carmen on 10/03/2021

Muy buena compra
Me ha encantado esta marca, son muy elásticos y se adaptan muy bien para trabajar con ellos
By Latidos on 09/02/2021

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